Title: Senior Legal Counsel

Date: October 4, 2017
Department: Legal Unit: 5040
Level: 9 –Exempt
Supervisor's Title: Deputy Chief Legal Counsel
Purpose: Provides in-house legal support to the administrative and operating departments
in compliance with Massport’s policies and procedures with an emphasis on real estate and
contract law.
A. Under the supervision of the Deputy Chief Legal Counsel, provides legal analysis and
creates documentation arising out of Massport’s operational activities, plans, policies, and
agreements, including:
1. Negotiates and drafts various legal documents, including airport leases,
concession agreements, operating agreements, interagency memoranda of
understanding, easements and licenses.
2. Assists in the drafting and review of real estate related requests for proposals,
provides legal advice on the request for proposal process and negotiates and drafts
the resulting agreements, including development agreements and ground leases.
3. Assists in the drafting and review of requests for proposals for consulting and
professional service contracts. Negotiates and drafts the resulting consulting and
professional service contracts.
4. Provides legal advice on the purchase or exchange of real property.
5. Assists asset managers with interpretations of real estate related documents.
6. Reviews and analyzes federal, state and local case law as it affects Massport
policies, procedures and operations.

B. Under the supervision of the Deputy Chief Legal Counsel, acts as a general in-house
practitioner capable of analyzing a variety of legal issues relating to Massport activities,
and provides ongoing legal counsel to various units within Massport.
1. Counsels Massport’s units on procedural and substantive legal matters as well
as issues arising out of the specialized real estate activities of Massport.
C. Under the supervision of the Deputy Chief Legal Counsel, prepares resolutions,
memoranda and other supporting documents relative to various items before the Board for
D. Monitors the legal and regulatory environment in which Massport conducts business.

E. Performs other duties as assigned.


A. Completes selected projects as assigned by the Chief Legal Counsel and Deputy Chief
Legal Counsel.
A. EDUCATION LEVEL: J.D. Required. Demonstrated knowledge and skills in legal
analysis, document drafting and administrative, regulatory and constitutional law required.
B. RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: A minimum of 5 to 8 years of relevant or transferable
experience in a public agency, corporate or law firm setting with knowledge and skill in
legal analysis and document drafting. Experience in commercial real estate is highly
1. Must be admitted to the Massachusetts Bar.
2. Ability to pass a Massport controlled substances test and background security checks.
1. Environmental Parameters: Ability to work in an office environment. Ability to
travel to all Massport facilities as needed.
2. Physical Demands:
a. Strength: Exerting up to 10 pounds of force occasionally to lift, carry, push,
pull, or otherwise move objects.
b. Type: Ability to perform administrative duties.

E. WORK SCHEDULE: Ability to work a 37.5-hour workweek. Ability to work additional
hours as necessary as work load demands.