MBLA Attorney Referral Program

The MBLA Attorney Referral Program is intended to connect the many individuals who reach out to the Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association seeking attorney representation with MBLA member attorneys who represent clients in those areas.

Application Process

Potential clients requesting referrals should complete and submit the MBLA Referral Service: Client Survey. This will capture preliminary information necessary to fulfill the referral request and will include the type of case, a brief description of the case, and jurisdiction information if available. Please note that any information submitted via this Client Survey may not be covered by attorney client privilege.

MBLA Members Attorneys interested in representing clients through this program should complete the MBLA Referral Service: Attorney Registration.


Potential clients who submit their information via the Client Survey will receive within five (5) business days a complete listing of all MBLA Member Attorneys who have registered with the program and practice in the areas that the potential client selects.

Attorneys who participate in the Referral Program must be in good standing with the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers and agree to provide a free initial consultation (up to 30 minutes) to the prospective clients that contact them through the program.