Recruitment of New Hearing Committee Members for the Board of Bar Overseers.
The Board of Bar Overseers encourages interested attorneys and members of the public across the Commonwealth to apply for appointment to a three-year term as a volunteer Hearing Committee member. The Hearing Committees sit locally in panels of three as fact-finding tribunals in disciplinary proceedings brought by the Office of Bar Counsel against individual attorneys. The Committees hear testimony, take evidence, make adjudicatory rulings, and prepare a written report and recommendation for the Board of Bar Overseers.

Committee members receive no monetary compensation and devote their time as a public service in the vital interest of preserving the integrity of the legal profession. There are about one hundred fifty Committee members, and the Board is seeking to fill vacancies throughout the state.

The Board seeks to maintain a broad-based representation of attorneys and members of the public within the Committee ranks, and encourages applications from women, minorities, small-firm practitioners and individuals in public service. Resumes of interested attorneys (ten or more years of professional experience) and members of the public (excluding paralegals and those employed in a legal-related field) should be sent to Sandra Mahabir by mail (Board of Bar Overseers, 99 High Street, Boston, MA 02110), fax (617-482-8000), or e-mail, Non-attorneys/members of the public are also required to complete and return this application form (attorneys are not required to fill out this form). Résumés are received in September and October every year by the board.