Title: Executive Legal Assistant

Date: October 4, 2017
Department: Legal Unit: 5040
Level: 4– Non-Exempt
Supervisor's Title: Manager, Legal Administration
Purpose: Provides administrative and project management support to attorneys and staff as
A. Works in a fast-past environment to manage day-to- day administrative responsibilities under the
supervision of assigned attorneys and staff:
1. Coordinates daily schedules, prioritizes meetings, and resolves scheduling conflicts.
2. Proofreads, revises and prepares documents for attorneys as requested.
3. Drafts routine documents and associated paperwork. Reviews reports and documents for
clarity and completeness, and advises staff of revisions as requested.
4. Maintains files (including confidential files) and monitors status of on-going projects
undertaken by assigned attorneys and staff.
5. Coordinates meetings with outside counsel and Massport staff, and schedules catering and
conference rooms as needed.
6. Organizes and prioritizes incoming mail and processes hand deliveries as necessary.
Distributes and collects correspondence and maintains files and paperwork of assigned
attorneys and staff.
7. Assists in responding to public record requests.
8. Orders departmental supplies and processes requisitions for other necessary materials.
Checks in items and stores supplies appropriately in supply areas.
9. Coordinates and monitors the off-site storage and records retention program for assigned
staff members.
10. Processes timesheets for approvals and assists with payroll information as needed.
11. Assists with routine maintenance of office equipment.
12. Makes travel arrangements and prepares expense reports and related documents for assigned
13. Performs other administrative duties for attorneys and staff, as assigned or as needed.
B. Communicates and coordinates with Senior and Executive Staff, and senior staff of other agencies
on behalf of attorneys and staff as requested.
C. Works collaboratively with other support staff and attorneys to ensure adequate support
throughout the department.

1. Fosters a sense of teamwork and collegiality.
2. Volunteers when time available to assist other support staff as needed.
3. Helps promote responsive, client service attitude throughout department.
D. Assists in the management and execution of special projects and events, as needed.
A. Performs other duties as assigned.
A. EDUCATION LEVEL: An Associate’s Degree, secretarial school certificate or equivalent
work experience required.
B. EXPERIENCE IN RELATED FIELD: 3 – 5 years of office administration experience
required. Experience working in a law office is preferred.
1. Ability to type 60-80 WPM.
2. Working knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet and data base applications.
3. Proficiency in Microsoft Office products.
3. Ability to pass a Massport controlled substances test and security background checks.
1. Environmental Parameters: Ability to work in an office within an airport
environment with conditions that may include: fumes, odors, gases, chemicals, and
dust as well as decibels in the range of 65100. Ability to travel to all Massport
facilities as needed. Ability to work in an office environment and at all Massport
facilities as needed.
2. Physical Demands:
a. Strength: Exerting up to 10 pounds of force occasionally to lift, carry, push, pull,
or otherwise move objects.
b. Type: Ability to perform administrative duties, typing, filing, bending over to low
files, reaching high files. Work involves sitting most of the time, but may involve
walking or standing for brief periods of time. Expressing or exchanging ideas by
means of spoken word.

E. WORK SCHEDULE: Ability to work a 37.5-hour workweek. Ability to work hours
during the period of 8:00am to 6:00pm. Ability to work additional hours as necessary as
work load demands.

F. EQUIPMENT USED: Computer, printer, telephone, fax, photocopier, calculator, and
other Massport equipment.