Job Title: Director, Office of Credit Ratings
Location: Washington, DC, New York, NY
Compensation: $188,050 to $249,272 / Per Year
Series & Grade: SO-1
Position Number: 18-EX-10086163-KMA
Application Deadline: January 22, 2017

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is looking for the best and brightest to join our team. Our
mission includes advocating for investors who seek to secure a future for their family, providing guidance and
regulations for the nation’s securities industry in an increasingly global market, and taking action with an eye
toward promoting the capital formation necessary to sustain economic growth.

o Leading the Office of Credit Ratings staff and providing overall strategic direction and management oversight for the office.
o Leading oversight of credit rating agencies pursuant to the requirements of the Dodd-Frank Act, including the production of studies and development of recommendations.
o Managing a team of approximately 45 interdisciplinary team members that will examine, monitor and analyze developments at credit rating agencies registered with the Commission as nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organizations (NRSROs) under Section 15E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The results of this work inform senior policy makers at the
Commission, and is frequently shared with other relevant regulators in the US and internationally.
o Managing the annual examinations of the credit rating agencies required by the Dodd-Frank Act and the preparation and publication of an annual public report on such examinations.
o Formulating, implementing and interpreting policies, rules and regulations applicable to registered credit rating agencies, consistent with the Commission’s statutory mandates under the Exchange Act and subject to approval by the Chairman and other Commissioners as appropriate.
o Managing office operations concerning on-site examinations of NRSROs for compliance with Commission’s rules and applicable provisions of the Exchange Act and works closely with other Commission divisions/offices in the preparation of the studies and reports.
o Assessing the economic impact, feasibility, practicality, and effectiveness of existing and/or proposed legislation, standards, regulations, and/or policies in order to develop, review, and/or approve high-level policies that have a broad impact on the NRSROs.

• J.D. or LL.B. degree –AND—
• Active membership of the bar in good standing in any state, territory of the United States, the District of Columbia, or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. (Note: proof of bar membership will be required before entry on duty.
• SO-01: Applicant must have one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS/SK-14 level.

To Apply
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