Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative mentoring program

The Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative is launching their mentoring program, Stronger Leaders Brighter Future, this year and they need your help. They are looking for caring adults (21 years or older) to help achieve these goals by supporting their 8th - 12th grade youth in the Dudley Village Campus ("DVC") through a one-to-one mentoring relationships. You will (1) serve as a role model, (2) build a lasting relationship, (3) help your Mentee with their motivation and self-esteem, and (4)guide them in setting and accomplishing their goals, with the support of DSNI. DSNI is asking for mentors and mentees to meet 4-6hrs/month or 1hr/week, including monthly group sessions, from January to June. If you're interested in moving forward or have any questions, please contact: Renée Gaillard Highland Street AmeriCorps Ambassador of Mentoring || Mentoring Organizer rgaillard@dsni.org || 617.442.9670, ext 136