The ABA Commission on Women in the Profession and the BBA Diversity and Inclusion section are co-sponsoring and event entitled “From Visible Invisibility to Visibly Successful: Women of Color Research and Strategies for the Workplace” on August 7 at 3:30-5:00 at the BBA, with a reception to follow the program.

The program will present the research done by the Women of Color Research Initiative Committee of the ABA Commission of Women in the Profession and focus on how diversity dynamics impact attorneys at law firms, Fortune 500 legal departments, and the legal profession with an emphasis on the disparate impact on women of color.  The take-away from the program will highlight strategies for success for attorneys in the four career phases;  recruitment, hiring, retention and advancement.  The program will also speak to employers with strategies for developing and keeping diverse legal departments.

Speakers for the event include:

  1. Wendy Shiba, former general counsel at KB Homes, Inc. (and a number of other companies)  and past president of the  National Asian Pacific American Bar Association
  2.  Dennis Archer,  Chairman Emeritus Dickson Wright, President American Bar Association (2003-2004), Mayor of Detroit (1994-2001) and Associate Justice of Michigan Supreme Court (1986-1990) 
  3.  Colonel and Professor Maritza Ryan, United States Military Academy, West Point (as the academic on the panel Marisa will present the research conducted by the Commission)
  4.  Lacy Durham, Attorney Tax Manager, Deloitte Tax LLP  (young lawyer voice)

Additional details will follow as they become available.