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Public Defender Division, District Court Trial Attorney
Committee for Public Counsel Services
Boston, MA
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********************ALL APPLICANTS MUST APPLY DIRECTLY THROUGH THE CPCS iCIMS WEBSITE. IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE THE CPCS iCIMS APPLICATION, YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR THIS POSITION. PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING LINK TO APPLY (CUT AND PASTE INTO YOUR BROWSER IF THE EMBEDDED LINK DOES NOT WORK): ********************* DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION MISSION STATEMENT CPCS is committed to protecting the fundamental constitutional and human rights of its clients by providing zealous advocacy, community-oriented defense, and excellent representation. We are dedicated to building a strong professional relationship with each of our clients, to understanding their diverse circumstances, and to meeting their needs. In striving always to achieve those goals, CPCS embraces diversity and inclusion as core values and is steadfast in our commitment to: (1) ensuring that CPCS staff members represent a broad range of human difference and experience; (2) providing a work climate that is respectful and that supports success; and (3) promoting the dignity and well-being of all staff members. CPCS’s leadership is responsible for ensuring excellence, diversity, and inclusion. Our ability to achieve these goals depends on the efforts of all of us. Overview: The Committee for Public Counsel Services (“CPCS”) is Massachusetts’ public defender agency providing legal representation for those unable to afford an attorney. The Public Defender Division’s mission is to ensure that criminal defendants are given the fundamental protection of the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Massachusetts Constitution. We believe that every defendant should not only receive zealous advocacy but respect and dignity as they deal with the potential loss of their liberty. New Trial Attorneys in the Public Defender Division District Court Offices begin their CPCS career with a nationally recognized, comprehensive, skills-based training course to ensure they are ready to represent their clients to their full capabilities. Continuing legal education programs for new and experienced Trial Attorneys are held periodically to guarantee our Trial Attorneys are up to date on the law and have the skills necessary to provide zealous representation to their clients. The Public Defender Division of CPCS is seeking Trial Attorneys to provide criminal defense representation for its District Court offices in various offices throughout the Commonwealth. The District Court offices provide legal representation and advocacy to indigent clients who are charged with criminal offenses within the final jurisdiction of the District Court. Public Defenders represent clients charged with misdemeanors and felonies, see G.L. c.218, §26, including some serious sexual offenses, and occasionally handle initial commitment proceedings under G.L. c.123, §§12(e), 35. Positions will be filled as our FY18 & FY19 budgets allow. This posting does not guarantee that we will be filling Trial Attorney positions. The expected staffing needs for District Court are greatest in central, western, and southeastern Massachusetts and we will be concentrating our recruitment and hiring for those regions. These positions have an expected start date in late August/early September 2018.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Responsibilities: • Client interviews • Arraignment and bail advocacy • Legal research and writing • Pretrial investigation including visiting crime scenes, locating and interviewing witnesses, collecting and reviewing documentary evidence • Preparing and arguing pretrial motions, affidavits and legal memoranda; • Dispositional investigations and advocacy • Jury and bench trials of criminal cases • Representation of clients in interlocutory proceedings • Where appropriate, work collaboratively with private attorneys on cases assigned through the Private Counsel Division of CPCS
Minimum Qualifications and Skills:
Qualifications: The following attributes are required for the position of District Court Trial Attorney: • A trial attorney must be committed to serving a culturally diverse, low income population and must be eligible to practice law in Massachusetts, either as a member of the Massachusetts bar in good standing, as a law school graduate under Supreme Judicial Court Rule 3:03, or as the member of the bar of another jurisdiction eligible to engage in limited Massachusetts practice under Supreme Judicial Court Rule 3:04 • A demonstrated commitment to the principle of zealous advocacy in the representation of indigent persons in criminal cases • Strong interpersonal and analytical skills • Ability to work in a community and defense-oriented capacity, both independently and collaboratively • Access to an automobile in order to travel to courts, clients, and investigation locations that are not easily accessible by public transportation To apply: please supply a resume and statement of interest. EEO Statement The Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS) is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ethnicity, sex, disability, religion, age, veteran or military status, genetic information, gender identity, or sexual orientation as required by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and other applicable federal and state statutes and organizational policies. Applicants who have questions about equal employment opportunity or who need reasonable accommodations can contact the Director of Human Resources Management, Lisa Bacon, at ********************ALL APPLICANTS MUST APPLY DIRECTLY THROUGH THE CPCS iCIMS WEBSITE. IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE THE CPCS iCIMS APPLICATION, YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR THIS POSITION. PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING LINK TO APPLY (CUT AND PASTE INTO YOUR BROWSER IF THE EMBEDDED LINK DOES NOT WORK): *********************
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Kevin Ruderman
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Kevin Ruderman
Legal Hiring Coordinator
44 Bromfield Street Boston, MA 02108 United States Map It
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Kevin Ruderman
(617) 910-5769