The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts is seeking an experienced attorney to fill an opening in the Criminal Division, Springfield Branch Office.
Justice seeks to attract, retain, and promote individuals of exceptional ability and talent from all walks of life. The work environment and atmosphere is open, diverse, collegial, and inclusive. There are active affinity groups for African-American; Asian-American; Hispanic; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT); and Native American employees, which are open to all DOJ employees regardless of background. Justice fosters a work environment where people of all backgrounds and experiences may reach their full potential.
About the Office: As the principal litigator for the United States of America in the District of Massachusetts, the United States Attorney prosecutes all criminal and civil cases brought by the Federal government and defends the United States when it is a party in a civil case. The District of Massachusetts is committed to developing and maintaining strategic partnerships among federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to ensure the effective deployment of resources to positively impact the quality of life for all Massachusetts residents.
Job Description: The position of an Assistant U.S. Attorney provides one with the responsibility and the authority to effect positive changes in the lives of Americans who live in Massachusetts and across the United States, whether that is through the prosecution of a drug dealer who terrorizes a local community, a civil suit against a company for failing to comply with the laws protecting disabled Americans, the prosecution of a major pharmaceutical company for cheating in the sale of drugs and devices, or combating intellectual property crime. Effecting such positive changes is deeply satisfying; many lawyers look back on their days as an Assistant U.S. Attorney as among the most satisfying of their professional career.
The position being advertised is for an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Springfield Branch Office, which covers the four western counties of Massachusetts. The Assistant U.S. Attorney will primarily be assigned to prosecute criminal cases. Candidates with experience in working with members of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to target high impact violent criminals are encouraged to apply. In addition, candidates with experience working with community groups and local governments on issues of crime prevention and re-entry are also encouraged to apply.
Required qualifications: Applicants must possess a J.D. degree, be an active member of the bar (any U.S. jurisdiction), and have at least 3 years post-J.D. legal or other relevant experience
Preferred qualifications: Five years of exceptional experience as an attorney, as well as superior academic credentials.
United States citizenship is required.
Salary: Assistant United States Attorneys’ pay is administratively determined based, in part, on the number years of professional attorney experience. The range of pay for Springfield is $57,219 to $151,443.
Travel:  Travel within the district and outside of the district may be required.
Application Process: 
To apply, please complete the AUSA Job Application found at employment/USAapplication.pdf and forward it with a resume and cover letter. If you have applied to this office for an AUSA position in the last six months and indicated a preference for our Springfield office, your application remains on file and you will be considered for this position without resubmitting your application. If you have not submitted an application in the last six months, please send the required information to:
John T. McNeil First Assistant U.S. Attorney U.S. Attorney’s Office John Joseph Moakley Courthouse 1 Courthouse Way, Suite 9200 Boston, MA 02210
Application Deadline: Monday, May 18, 2015
Relocation Expenses: Relocation expenses will not be authorized.
Number of Positions: 1
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