Job Title:
Equity & Inclusion Director
Committee for Public Counsel Services
Boston, MA
Position Description:
The Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS), the Massachusetts public defender agency, is seeking applications for its newly created position of Equity & Inclusion Director. The Equity & Inclusion Director will be responsible for advancing CPCS’s diversity and inclusion mission statement in meaningful and collaborative partnership with the Senior Management Team and staff agency-wide. The Director will lead CPCS’s transformational work aimed at enabling the organization to build a staff that reflects the diversity of its client communities at all levels of the organization, is well prepared and supported to effectively represent the agency’s diverse client population in all forums, and fosters a work atmosphere that is safe and inclusive, with a culture that welcomes, retains, and provides equity to all employees. Supporting CPCS’s efforts to better address racial and ethnic diversity and inclusion will be a major focus of the Director’s work.
The Equity & Inclusion Director will be a member of the Senior Management Team, which develops and implements agency fiscal, operational, human resource, and legislative policies. This position will report to the Chief Counsel.
CPCS is the state agency in Massachusetts responsible for providing legal services to indigent persons in criminal and civil matters in which the state or federal constitution, state statute, or case law require the appointment of counsel for any person who cannot afford to retain counsel. The agency provides representation on criminal, delinquency, youthful offender, child welfare, mental health, sexually dangerous person, and sex offender registry cases, as well as appeals and post-conviction cases related to those matters.
CPCS is committed to protecting the fundamental constitutional and human rights of its clients by providing zealous advocacy, community-oriented defense, and excellent representation. In fulfilling its mission, CPCS is committed to fostering diversity at all levels of the agency. We are dedicated to building a strong professional relationship with each of our clients, to understanding their diverse circumstances, and to meeting their needs. In striving always to achieve those goals, CPCS embraces diversity and inclusion as core values and is steadfast in our commitment to: (1) ensuring that CPCS management and staff members represent a broad range of human differences and experiences; (2) providing a work climate that is respectful and that supports success; and (3) promoting the dignity and well-being of all staff members. CPCS’s leadership is responsible for ensuring excellence, diversity, and inclusion. Our ability to achieve these goals depends on the efforts of all of us.
The Equity & Inclusion Director will lead CPCS in its intentional efforts to build diversity, equity, and inclusion in support of the organization’s mission. With support from the Chief Counsel and leaders across the organization, the Equity and Inclusion Director will create and implement a plan focused on addressing systemic issues that directly impact CPCS staff and clients. The plan will focus on hiring, retention, office culture, and training, and on insuring that staff is well prepared and supported to effectively represent our diverse client population in all forums. A second priority will include sharing subject matter expertise with other CPCS leaders in areas such as strategic litigation and other advocacy efforts targeted at reducing racial and ethnic disparities in the criminal justice system.
CPCS recognizes that building equity and inclusion cannot be the responsibility of one person; for this reason, the Director will work collaboratively across the organization to improve institutional systems and practices that unintentionally cause inequities, bias and a lack of inclusion, and with courts and outside agencies that CPCS staff and clients routinely interact with in the course of client representation. Together, the Director and other CPCS leaders will create new systems that will develop and sustain a vibrant, welcoming, and inclusive work environment for all. The Director will also provide support to promote and improve the diversity of the membership of the CPCS private bar panels and will work with the Training Department on issues related to diversity and cultural competence.
EEO Statement
The Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS) is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ethnicity, sex, disability, religion, age, veteran or military status, genetic information, gender identity, or sexual orientation as required by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and other applicable federal and state statutes and organizational policies. Applicants who have questions about equal employment opportunity or who need reasonable accommodations can contact the Director of Human Resources Management, Lisa Bacon, at
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
The Equity and Inclusion Director’s responsibilities will include:
• Developing an Equity and Inclusion Plan that includes measurable goals, milestones, and outcome measures
that advance the position priorities listed above;
• Implementing the Plan in collaboration with leadership across the organization, both geographically and
across divisions;
• Tracking progress and refining the Plan as necessary to meet goals, and demonstrate accountability to the
CPCS Diversity and Inclusion Statement and measurable plan goals;
• Training and supporting Attorneys-in-Charge to build an inclusive office culture that welcomes and retains
staff across CPCS;
• Collaborating with Human Resources to ensure the hiring process is transparent and inclusive with the goal of
hiring a staff that is racially and ethnically inclusive at all levels of the organization;
• Collaborating across the organization to ensure CPCS retains staff of color with the goal of increasing levels
of racial and ethnic inclusion at all levels of the organization;
• Working collaboratively with the Training Department to lead CPCS efforts to develop training programs for
staff in the core competencies necessary to build equity and inclusion;
• Working collaboratively with courts and outside agencies that staff and clients routinely interact with in the
course of client representation to ensure staff and clients are treated equitably and with respect; and
• Providing support to promote and improve the diversity of CPCS private bar panels.
Minimum Qualifications and Skills:
Candidates for the Equity and Inclusion Director position must zealously embrace social justice and CPCS’s mission.
Candidates must:
• Demonstrate collaborative leadership skills required for a management role related to diversity, equity and
inclusion in the workplace;
• Have exceptional empathy and social skills, be self-aware, self-managed and motivated;
• Be a strategic thinker;
• Be an impactful communicator with experience leading productive conversations about racism, bias, and
inclusion; and
• Be an effective implementer with success creating and executing complex projects.
• A deep understanding of the systemic and individual impacts of poverty and racial oppression, as well as
experience with theories and strategies designed to address racism, sexism, classism, and other forms of
bigotry and bias.
• At least 7 years of experience in diversity management; excellent communication and project management
skills; a graduate degree in a related field; or an equivalent combination of experience, skills, and education.
Strong Preference will be given to candidates who have professional experience in the criminal or social justice community.
The position will be posted until filled, however preference will be given to candidates who apply prior to February 22, 2019.
Application Deadline
Application Requirements
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  • Cover Letter
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Kevin Ruderman
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