Closing Date: 11/07/2017 11:59 PM EST
USD $55,740.91/Yr.


This position is designated as a union position and is covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement with O.P.E.I.U., Local 6.


The Support Services Department is responsible for a wide range of distinct topic areas that provide support to the administration of justice in the Trial Court. These services include the Judicial Response System, the operation of Trial Court Law Libraries, a Record Management operation, the Office of Court Interpreters, the Office of Transcription Services and the oversight and implementation of court-connected Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services.




 StartingUSD $55,740.91/Yr.


Working within the Support Services Department of the Administrative Office of the Trial Court, the Court Interpreter Scheduler performs duties that ensure that non-English speaking clients of the Trial Court are provided with interpreter services as directed by the Manager, Court Interpreter Services.  These responsibilities include assisting in the assignment of interpreters to various court divisions, assisting in the certification of interpreters for official court service, and performing administrative duties under the direction of the Manager.  The Court Interpreter Scheduler may also perform some interpreting services as required.  The position title above the entry level performs more complex and varied work.  Employees are hired at the entry level position title and are eligible for reclassification to the higher level position title within this series consistent with the specifications for the higher level position title.  The position title reverts to the entry level when there is a vacancy.



Receives general direction from the Support Services Manager for OCIS and in performing duties in accordance with all best management practices and established guidelines.




Court Interpreter Scheduler I: This is the entry level position title within this series.  Employees at this level are expected to perform the full range of entry level duties and to train for the next higher level.


Court Interpreter Scheduler II: This is the second level position title within this series.  Employees at this second level are expected to perform higher level duties which require more knowledge of policies and procedures and to exercise more independent judgment.


Assists in the assignment and scheduling of court interpreter services and ensures interpreter availability for court operations.


Reviews requests for services and processes invoices for services, including accounting and bookkeeping.


Maintains contact with Trial Court officials and interpreters in the mediation of scheduling conflicts.


Enters data into the Services Requested and Services Rendered database and provides technical assistance to the Manager, Court Interpreter Services.


Assists in the preparation of workshops and training seminars on court language interpretation and the use of new technologies.


Prepares and coordinates the processing of budget forms for the Manager, Court Interpreter Services.


May serve as a court interpreter as required.


Performs related duties as required.


Court Interpreter Scheduler II Duties:


Serves as mediator in scheduling conflicts between contracted interpreters and court officials.


Monitors interpreter services to ensure adherence to standards and guidelines.


Assists in the development and implementation of new procedures, forms, and systems.


Participates in training workshops.


Researches additional sources for interpreter services.


Performs all of the duties of the lower level as required.


Court Interpreter Scheduler I Requirements:


A Bachelor’s Degree in public or business administration or related field or an equivalent combination of education and experience.


Prior administrative experience preferred.


Ability to perform administrative duties related to a statewide, Court Interpreter Service.


Ability to organize and clearly present written material, as demonstrated by the preparation of budget forms, bookkeeping records, reports, etc…


Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work professionally with persons at all levels, including judges, and to maintain effective working relationships.


Ability to communicate clearly and effectively in oral and written form.


Ability to travel to courts throughout the judicial system.


Court Interpreter Scheduler II Requirements:


A minimum of three years of experience as a Court Interpreter Scheduler I.


Considerable knowledge of the Trial Court and the needs for interpreter services in the different courts.


Demonstrated ability to anticipate and resolve scheduling problems and conflicts.


Demonstrated ability to understand the complexities and requirements of cases to be scheduled in order to more effectively utilize interpreter resources.


Demonstrated ability to handle multiple assignment with minimal supervision.