Habari Gani?! Kuumba!!

Today is the sixth day of Kwanzaa! The sixth of the Nguzo Saba is KUUMBA. “Kuumba” means Creativity in Swahili.

Kuumba puts forth the moral obligation to do all we can in the way we can to heal, repair, rebuild, and renew the world, leaving it more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.

As an organization, we continuously develop and seek out new ways to engage and interact with our members and the community. This past year, we hosted a screening of the movie Marshall and held a panel discussion to reflect on the perseverance of Justice Thurgood Marshall and to develop ways to emulate his creativity and commitment to excellence. We invited teens from across the Greater Boston area to join us in hopes that we would learn the lessons imparted by Justice Marshall’s legacy, together. We also donated the proceeds from our Women Lawyers Retreat to support the rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Irma and Harvey.

We are growing and changing as an organization and we need your fresh, new ideas to help us create the programs, resources and relationships that will solve the challenge of diversity and inclusion in the MA legal community. In this new year, we hope you’ll join the MBLA team and make a difference with us.

In recognition of our collective responsibility to leave the Commonwealth better than we found it, HARAMBEE, MBLA!! HARAMBEE!!