Habari Gani?! Imani!!

Today is the seventh and final day of Kwanzaa! The seventh of the Nguzo Saba is IMANI. “Imani” means Faith in Swahili.

​This final principle centers on faith in ourselves; faith in our capacity to live righteously, self-correct, support, care for and be responsible for each other and eventually create ​a more just and good society.​ This principle also emphasizes the importance of believing in the value, validity and significance of our struggle for liberation and justice, that such struggle has and will continue to bring about the positive change we seek. ​

Our hope is to remain vigilant at all times and have ​faith in our mission, in our capacity to achieve our mission and in you, our members and supporters, to continue to support and guide us each step of the way. ​​

​In honor our faithful community leaders, such as past MBLA Director, Councilwoman Andrea Campbell, and MBLA member, Councilwoman Lydia Edwards, who set the tone for the City of Boston and the Commonwealth at large, we say ​HARAMBEE, MBLA!! HARAMBEE!!