William Onuoha



William U. Onuoha is the appointed Executive Director of the Office of Fair Housing, Equity, and Civil Rights. Prior to his current role in the mayor’s administration Will Onuoha served as the Deputy Commissioner/Director of Housing at Boston’s Inspectional Services Department. While serving in his official capacity as the Deputy Commissioner/ Director of Housing Onuoha oversaw the day to day operations of the housing division. The housing division deals primarily with enforcement of the state sanitary code, habitable living conditions, and enforcement of the rental ordinance. Which governs rental registrations and inspections of all public and private rental units in the city of Boston. In this role he also was a chief constable who oversaw the activities of all constables and their duties.

Onuoha previously worked at Northeastern University as a community liaison in the office of City & Community Affairs. In his role at the university he performed many functions, but focused mainly on the university’s compliance with governmental regulations of surrounding towns and cities where the university had a presence. Onuoha also focused on strengthening relations between the university and the surrounding neighborhoods as he helped navigate the university through its institutional master planning process. Also during his tenure at the university, Onuoha achieved his Juris Doctorate (J.D.) from the New England School of Law/ Boston. 

Prior to joining the government relations team at Northeastern University, Will Onuoha served as a neighborhood coordinator for the Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Mission Hill, Fenway and Kenmore neighborhoods in the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services from 2006-2012. During his tenure in the office of neighborhood services Onuoha lead and facilitated neighborhood meetings to discuss issues including city services, zoning, licensing, and crime. As a direct link between city hall and the neighborhoods he worked directly with the Mayor and senior administration officials on issues impacting district 8, including business and residential development and transportation. Onuoha was also responsible for responding to and managing all emergencies within the district including crime, fires, and water main breaks while working with the city departments to bring the necessary relief to constituents.

William Onuoha is now the 4th Executive Director to lead the Office of Fair Housing/ Equity & Civil Rights in the city of Boston. Will Onuoha is a veteran leader in city hall who possesses   great knowledge of city government, and has great ability in balancing of relationships between local government and the public at large. As the Executive Director of the Office of Fair Housing & Civil Rights Onuoha oversee the activities of the Office of Fair Housing/ Equity& Civil Rights, which includes the Boston Fair Housing Commission which he also severs as Commissioner on. As the Executive Director Onuoha engages and serves residents, especially the most vulnerable populations, and advocates for fair housing and equity throughout the City of Boston. He is the chief subject matter expert on fair housing laws and provides strategic leadership to the Mayor, City Council, and Senior City management to ensure fair access to housing, public services, accommodations, and activities for all people of Boston.   


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