Bethany N. Serota



Bethany N. Serota is the Deputy Director of the Mayor’s Office of Fair Housing & Equity for the City of Boston.  In her role as Deputy Director, Bethany is responsible for managing the day to day operations and the administration of the Office to ensure that the Office effectively engages and serves residents, especially the most vulnerable, and advocates for fair housing and equity, to reach the Office’s mission of addressing discrimination and ensuring fair access to housing, public services, accommodations, and participation in activities for all people of Boston.

Under the umbrella of the Mayor’s Office of Fair Housing and Equity, the Boston Fair Housing Commission (BFHC) has the authority and jurisdiction to investigate and enforce housing discrimination cases within the City of Boston, in partnership with HUD and the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. Constituents who believe they have faced housing discrimination as a result of any of the 14 protected classes may inquire and potentially file a formal complaint with the Office.  The Office of Fair Housing and Equity also works closely with the Department of Neighborhood Development, the Office of Housing Stability, and the Boston Home Center to affirmatively further the city’s mission to increase access to housing opportunities. Additionally, the Office engages in targeted outreach and education to residents, as well as training to housing providers, landlords, tenants, agents, and homebuyers to ensure an understanding of Fair Housing Laws and rights.

Bethany received her B.A. from Temple University and J.D. from Suffolk University Law School. As a litigator, Bethany represented clients who could not afford to pay for legal counsel and were challenged by a number of systemic barriers. Bethany also represented clients in real estate transactions as well as in housing, probate, and family court matters. Additionally, Bethany’s advocacy extended across international borders, as she worked with refugees and asylum seekers in the Middle East.

In the spirit of the Boston Urban Youth Foundation, Bethany Co-Founded and Co-Directs G.I.R.L.S. R.U.L.E., an empowerment program for teenage girls in Roxbury. Bethany is also a member of the Citizen’s Housing and Planning Association, the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys, and the Nine Streets Neighborhood Association in Roxbury.