Agency Name:

Dept. of Housing and Community   Development

Official Title:

Fiscal Officer VI

Functional Title:

Fiscal Director, Bureau of Rental   Assistance

Position Type:

EX – Exempt from Civil Services

Full-Time or Part-Time:


Salary Range:

$41,017.08 to $99,439.52 Annually

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Application Deadline:


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This position is funded from trust funds collected from various sources.


The incumbent will be responsible for the following duties:

1. BUDGET PROCESS: The Fiscal Director works with BRA staff to assist with the administration of voucher and other programs. The Fiscal Director must ensure availability of funds for all rental assistance and homeless programs in compliance with the Comptroller, Treasurer and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guidelines; manage Annual Contribution Contracts with HUD in order to budget and requisition Section 8 funds; function as liaison between various state agencies and HUD concerning all rental assistance related financial issues.

2. TREASURER’S SYSTEM: The Fiscal Director must understand regulations and guidelines issued by both state and federal agencies and analyze and disseminate key information to contracted agencies, Local Housing Authorities (LHAs) and appropriate personnel within DHCD. The Fiscal Director manages the preparation of required reports. In addition, the Fiscal Director works closely with IT consultant and BRA staff to develop necessary computer applications that allow the most efficient and effective fiscal management of all BRA programs.

3. ACCOUNTING: The Fiscal Director oversees the fiscal compliance of all terms and conditions stated in contracts executed with contractor agencies. The Fiscal Director review and approve requests for subsidy and administrative funds submitted by LHAs and RAAs for all state and federal rental assistance programs, RAFT, HomeBase, the Housing Consumer Education Centers, and other special programs as required.

4. SUPERVISION: The Fiscal Director manages 2 financial staff, 1 quality control coordinator, 1 Section 8 specialist with data base and IT applications, the MRVP program specialist and one administrative assistant. In addition, the Fiscal Manager oversees the activities of the Section 8 special fee accountant consultant and IT consultant.

5. REVIEW/OVERSIGHT: The Fiscal Director oversees the Section 8 financial and quality control reviews of the federal Section 8 programs, develops fiscal language for any related Notice of Funding Availability, establish timelines and deadlines for all required reports, forms and related documents.

6. NON-FISCAL OVERSIGHT: Oversee and provide direction for all other non-fiscal quality control functions of the Section 8 program as performed by the quality control coordinator.

7. TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: The Fiscal Director provides technical assistance to various industry groups engaged in advising HUD and/or the Commonwealth in rental assistance fiscal-related policy.

8. DEVELOPMENT OF FINANCIAL SYSTEMS: The Fiscal Director develops financial systems to support new program requirements.

9. EPORT PREPARATION: The Fiscal Director prepares financial reports.



Applicants must have at least five years of full-time, or equivalent part-time, supervisory or managerial experience in financial management work, the major duties of which included at least two or more of the following functions: budgeting, accounting, auditing, management analysis, program evaluation, financial reporting, or statistical reporting of program results.


Preferred Qualifications:

1. Knowledge of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ financial operating systems

2. Knowledge of State and Federal rental voucher programs

3. Knowledge of accounting theory, principles, and practices.

4. Ability to prepare and analyze financial reports/statements.

5. Ability to analyze Audit Reports and make appropriate recommendations.

6. Ability to gather information, draw conclusions and make appropriate recommendations regarding program finances.

7. Ability to organize work, work independently, assign work, and to meet deadlines.

8. Ability to supervise and motivate others.

9. Ability to exercise sound judgment and maintain good working relationships.

10. Ability to communicate clearly and effectively and the ability to handle special assignments given by the Director, or other key staff.

11. The candidate must have excellent time management, and organizational skills, as well as strong computer skills, i.e., Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, etc.

12. Candidate must be able to form collaborative working partnerships with outside organizations while ensuring accountability and compliance to certain standards.


The Director of Administration and Finance (A&F) is a member of the Bureau’s team of senior staff and is responsible for the fiscal and administrative oversight of all programs managed by the Bureau of Rental Assistance (BRA) which currently include:

1. Federal Voucher Programs including Section 8 Moving to Work (MTW), Housing Choice Vouchers; Mod Rehab, New Construction, Substantial Rehab, and Shelter Plus Care.

2. State Voucher Programs including Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program (MRVP) and the Alternative Housing Voucher Program (AHVP).

3. State Programs to Assist Homeless and Low-income Households including HomeBASE, Rental Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT) and Housing Consumer Education Centers (HCEC).

4. Bureau of Rental Assistance administration and operations.

These rental assistance programs play a significant role in meeting several key aspects of DHCD’s mission including: providing decent affordable housing for the Commonwealth’s poorest residents; increasing income and assets for this population; reducing and preventing homelessness. The rental assistance programs are managed by nine administering agencies and 125 local housing authorities and the Director must ensure successful collaboration with and oversight of these agencies with regard to all fiscal matters.

DHCD was granted federal MTW status (an economic mobility program) for our entire state-wide Section 8 program in 2008 and the Director is responsible for providing leadership on all fiscal matters related to DHCD’s MTW program transformation.

The fiscal oversight of these programs include reconciling of all accounts on a monthly basis and the management of the Single Financial Audit process for DHCD and the Regional Administering Agencies (RAAs). The Fiscal Director must submit all Housing and Urban Development (HUD) required data and reports including, but not limited to, the monthly Voucher Management System (VMS) report and Rental Estate Assessment Center (REAC). All reports must be accurate and submitted on time.

The Fiscal Director must be able to understand both the federal and state budget process. He/she is an integral part of the creation of the State Budget. This work is ongoing and requires close coordination with the DHCD Chief Financial Officer and Budget Director and ANF. In addition to working closely on the federal and state budget process, the Fiscal Director needs to conduct business within the State’s Treasury system, including the MMARS, the grant management system and the State and Federal Appropriation accounting system (REAC). The Fiscal Director needs to be proficient in IT applications associated with all accounts both web based and internal.

The Fiscal Director must work cooperatively with the financial staff for DHCD’s Bureau of Public Housing and the Office of Administration and Finance, and outside agencies to move forward the BRAs and DHCD’s agenda. The Fiscal Director must also work closely with the BRA Director to inform and recommend how best to use the resources available. The Fiscal Director works independently and as a member of a team to further the mission of both the BRA and DHCD.

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How To Apply:

Please mail 2 copies of both your cover letter and resume referencing the  CEO  ID#J35781-EXT-RES to:

Department of Housing and Community Development Human Resources Department
100 Cambridge Street, Suite 300
Boston, MA 02114-2524

Fax: (617) 573-1299
TTY: (617) 573-1140

To ensure consideration, resume and cover letter must be postmarked by midnight on the deadline date. Please reference posting ID number on all correspondence.

Agency Web Address:

Diversity Officer:

Ms. Nancy DePaul, (617) 573-1100

An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. Females, minorities, veterans, and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.