P8-editedName:  Shahria H. Boston

Law School:  Northeastern University School of Law, 2007

Employment:  I am a sole practitioner.  I primarily practice real estate, personal injury and employment law, but I handle a variety of civil matters.  My office is located in Stoughton; however, I handle matters across the Commonwealth.

What you love most about your job:  I enjoy being a business owner and the flexibility that it provides.  I love practicing the areas of law that I enjoy the most and the ability to endeavor in other projects outside of the practice of law. 

Other professional/charitable activitiesNational Bar Association, Region I Secretary; Boston’s Bridge to Excellence, Board of Directors; Old Colony YMCA, Fundraising Committee; Women’s Bar Foundation Family Law Project, pro bono attorney; Pilgrim Advocates, Southeast Housing Court, Attorney for the Day Program

Why you joined the MBLA:  I have been involved with the MBLA since law school.  The MBLA has provided me with access to a network of remarkable attorneys and valuable professional development programs that have effectively guided me thus far in my career.

Person you would most like to meet:  It is a toss-up between Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey.  They are modern day pioneers and great role models.  I am grateful to be part of the generation that has the opportunity to witness their achievements.