The MBLA Corporate Group rate membership option allows law firms, corporate entities, academic entities, government agencies and nonprofit organizations (a Sponsor Entity) to pay for individual annual memberships for the attorneys in that particular office who want to be part of the MBLA. When the Sponsor Entity pays the appropriate membership fee, any employee of that sponsor entity who is eligible to become a member of the MBLA can become an individual member of the MBLA for the relevant program year. The entity itself will not be a member of the MBLA. The individual memberships will be issued to particular attorneys for the duration of that membership year.

Application Process:

Any organization/company that would like to become a Sponsor Entity should complete MBLA Corporate Group rate membership application. Once a complete application is received the MBLA would review the application and notify the Sponsor Entity within a certain number of days?) whether the application has been approved. That notification will include instructions for the selected attorneys to be able to apply their individual memberships.

Fee Schedule:

If the application is approved a Sponsor Entity will be allowed to pay membership dues for eligible attorneys at a reduced rate of $112.50 per attorney per and $50.00 per attorney for a Sponsor Entity in academia, the government or legal services.
Additionally Sponsor Entities will receive an additional discount based on the number of attorneys who want to join the MBLA based on the current membership cycle.
# of Members — Discount
0-5 — 10%
6-15 — 15%
15+ — 20%