On November 4, 2015 close to 700 Black Bostonians met at Prince Hall Grand Lodge in response to a call from a coalition of Black leaders and reached a broad based consensus to make Boston an inclusive economy. The powerful and provocative presentation, entitled Freeze Frame Black Boston 2015: Time for an Inclusive Economy, makes the data-driven compelling case for drastic, innovative change in the way business is done. Since then:

  • We created the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts (BECMA) that will advocate to improve the economic well-being of the Black community. We created a council rather than a chamber because we need the whole community at all levels (individuals, students, small and large businesses/organizations and corporate partners) to galvanize, organize, educate, agitate and communicate as needed to ensure our collective success!
  • We updated our Next Steps based on feedback we received on November 4th and created the Black Economic Manifesto, which is being made public in the Bay State Banner this week. Both Next Steps and the Black Economic Manifesto are on our website.
  • We are in the process of finalizing the Inclusive Economy Independent Expenditure Political Action Committee to support candidates who support a Black economic agenda. More information on this IE PAC will be sent shortly.
  • We are continuing to meet with citizens, clergy and elected officials to present Freeze Frame Black Boston 2015: Time for an Inclusive Economy to obtain feedback, consensus and support.

Real Black economic development will require both immediate and long term community action, broad based leadership, accountability and new and creative strategies. As shown by Boston 2024 for the Olympic Games, we know what Boston can do when the city galvanizes around an issue deemed important.

Yes…the community spoke loudly on November 4th! Boston’s Black community is in economic crisis.  Freeze Frame Black Boston 2015: Time for An Inclusive Economy presents important next steps and the time to marshal the will and resources to change this paradigm is now! The formation of the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts is an important step. It provides an organization to research, educate, advocate and hold accountable our leadership to create an inclusive economy. By joining as a member, you increase the power and volume of our voice!

So…visit www.becma.org and join, volunteer and/or donate to the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts today! Boston Strong is about to become Boston Stronger!


The Black Economic Council of Massachusetts urges all to ‘Buy Black’ this holiday season.

Black Economic Council of Massachusetts