Habari Gani?! Nia!!

Today is the fifth day of Kwanzaa! The fifth of the Nguzo Saba is NIA. “Nia” means Purpose in Swahili.

Since 1973, the Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association has sought to increase the visibility of Black attorneys and contribute significantly to their professional development, both their benefit and the benefit of those they serve. Almost forty-five years later, we are all the more clear and resolute in this purpose: the building of social engineers in the Commonwealth.

We cannot do this important work without you.

We invite you to engage us, participate in the diverse lineup of professional development programming we offer, like the upcoming symposium, “Keys to Managing Your Own Career,” or join our ranks as a member, a Director or an Officer. With the MBLA, there’s always a seat at the table for you. Imagine the impact we can have together!

In recognition of our common purpose and responsibility to build our own community, HARAMBEE, MBLA!! HARAMBEE!!